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Sending a Fax

Fax Campaign

Find new customers !

■ Design faxs

As all your communication, the sending of mail by faxs have to be perfect. A fax of quality will have a chance to end on a office rather than in the bin.
To obtain an optimal feedback, it must absolutely be done with drawings in black and white and certainly not with photos that will make the result very poor.
For all those who wish to communicate by fax, we can create drawings in black and white, your fax, send it and even hand to you the prospects file which will allow you to find new customers.
You can of course order these operations independently (For example you can order the model you will send to your clients thanks to your usual provider) or give us the totality of your fax campaigns.

Mailing by fax

■ Our client files

You are looking for all bakeries in Paris, all the canton hairdressers of Geneva or all meats from France ?

Site Web Design S.A. offers you a precise selection of customers relative to their region or their profession.
These recent files contain absolutely all the necessary informations to your campaigns of emails or faxs and will permit you to communicate in an efficient and responsible manner.
We only provide the coordinates of businesses and in no case that of individuals.
From a few hundred to several tens of thousands of quality addresses, we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Client File


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