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Sending emails

Emailing campaign

Customer loyalty !

■ Newsletter Design

If you want to communicate, it is rather preferable to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of emails received each day and which are all the same (Or almost...).

Site Web Design S.A. can take care of the design of your newsletters as well as sending them for a communication of quality which will help you stand out from others.
Choose Newsletters with your colors, with images of quality and with direct links to the pages of your website.

Creation of newsletter

■ Find new customers

At Site Web Design S.A. we can provide you a multitude of email files for Switzerland, France but also for the other countries. We are working according to city, canton, department or to profession, to better target businesses that could be of interest to you.
All our emails are from recent data bases of quality and we refuse to use obsolete or erroneous bases which will not penalize your company. For obvious confidential reasons, we only provide the addresses of professionals.
Of course, we can also work and send your newsletters from your own clients files. In this precise case, we will take care of unregistrations and bounce backs (Bad emails) for responsible and effective emailing campaigns.

Client File

■ Specific reports

Sending a newsletter is easy but it is also very important to analyze the behavior of your prospects during and after the sending of these.
During the sending of newsletters with our partner, we could provide you with important elements such as the unregistration, clicked links, the rate of initiation, the geolocation of openings as well as many other elements that will allow you really to adjust your upcoming emailing campaigns.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for an accurate quote for your future emails campaigns.

Emailing report


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