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Improve and modify its website

Website Modification

Offer yourself to a new image !

  • Competitive prices
  • URL retained
  • Seo optimized
  • Website with a modern design
  • High quality pictures
  • Responsive site
  • Fast website
  • Contact Form
  • Registration to a newsletter
  • 404 error page
  • .htaccess files and robots.txt
  • Redirection 301
  • Sitemap file of your website
  • Favicon and Ascreen provided
  • Complete reinstallation of the site
  • Advice on hosting
  • User Console
  • Support 7d/7

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Website creation promotion

■ Website modification

Multiple are the reasons why you may want to change your website. The one that seems to be the most frequently appearing is the envy to have a more modern site, adapted to the tablets or mobile phones.
Since 10 years, the possibilities in terms of conception and design make some sites completely obsolete and our team will be pleased to rejuvenate this media which is essential for your development.

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Transformation of Website

■ Offer him a second rejuvenation!

At Site Web Design S.A. we take the integrality of your Website so as to make it more design while keeping your texts or modifying them. A work will be proposed to you to improve your pictures. We will also work at the heart of your site to ameliorate all the necessary tags for a referencing of quality. You will of course conserve all functions and the identity of your existing support and we will keep each of your URL so as not to penalize your referencing.

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Modification of Website

■ Differentiate yourself from others!

In a world where the internet is becoming more and more important, your Website must be the most noticeable and noticed. In fact, Internet users have long abandoned the phone book and each of us consults his computer, his Smartphone or digital tablet to find the slightest shop or to take the least appointment.
In the middle of the huge flow of companies present on the Net, you must absolutely have the more modern, more elegant and more referenced site to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
Consult us to obtain a free quote on our services.

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Improvement of Website


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