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Website translation

Website translation

Be international !

  • Multi-language translation
  • SEO Multi-languages
  • Translation of images names
  • Translation of the H1 to H6 tags
  • Translation of Meta tags

  • Translation of URL
  • Translation of Alt tags
  • Translation of the Title tags
  • Advice on hosting
  • Advice on the domain name

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Website promotion and SEO
Translation of website in English

■ What you need to know

Even if it "seems" that Google do not yet penalizes content duplicated in the translation of many international sites, there are however some rules in order not to reach a disastrous outcome.
As a first step, machine translation is to be banished absolutely if you do not want to scare your foreign visitors who will only understand a word out of three when browsing on your site.
It seems also appropriate to modify phrases so enrich your new content and thus optimize your SEO on the search engines.
Finally, remember that a site is translated but that all tags ALT, title, and meta as well as URLs must be translated also to ensure that your site is referenced in the chosen language.


Translation of website

■ What we do

In Site Web Design S.A. we are involved in the translation of your texts, the name of your images, your tags and all your URLs so as to obtain a rich and quality modern content version and which can be perfectly understood by all Internet users.
If you wish, we can also offer you a SEO in the language chosen with listing in international high PageRank directories.


Traduction de Website à Paris

■ All is possible !

We work closely with native translators from selected countries. This allows us to offer you a perfect translation of your sites in any language.
The price of the translation will depend on the number of words that make up your Website and your tags. We are at your disposal to establish a precise quote for you.



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